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Free annual credit report!

Bad Credit Home Loans in Ohio and more!

Bad credit home loans in Ohio are becoming harder and harder to come by. We can offer a number of home loan programs for people with bad credit or less than perfect credit. If we do not have a program available that fits your current situation we can show you the steps that you would need to take to qualify in the future. We have bad credit home loan programs for all of the following whether it is a refinance or a new home purchase loan:


Bad credit
No credit
Debt consolidation
No trade lines
Collections are OK
Judgments are OK
Any lien not attached to the title is OK
Mortgage lates
Turned down by a bank

If there is nothing we can do at this time, we can also personally assist you by helping you with the credit repair process. This will be your first step to moving towards the goal of getting a home loan. We will walk you through a couple easy steps to help improve your credit score. We know from experience what to do to boost your credit scores.

If you would like to know if you can be approved, fill out a mortgage application.

There are a number of things that you can do to help your bad credit score go up. For example, you can start by trying to get all your balances on revolving debt below 33% utilization. It is better to have 3 cards at 33% of the balance than to have one card that is maxed out. You can opt-out of those free credit card offers at for 5 years. We have seen this boost credit scores from 5-40 points within 5-7 business days. Also, if you have bad credit and you are having a hard time developing new credit, you can start by applying for a prepaid visa credit card or a prepaid mastercard which will help you build credit every time you use it and pay it off.

If you can not qualify for any of those, try looking in to prepaid or secured credit cards. This will get you the start you need to develop a credit score. Do not apply to too many places for credit because each time you apply, they pull your credit. Each inquiry on your credit reports affects your score negatively. There are also companies who will do all the manual work for you themselves to help you improve your credit score. This is what we reccomend as it is a long process to do it yourself that requires persistant effort.

If you are shopping for a mortgage, you have a 14 day window to shop until your score will drop without having it affect your credit score. After your 14 day window is up, your score will start dropping slightly due to inquiries. YOU can check YOUR OWN score at any time using a number of different free websites. This will not hurt your credit score at all and if you do not want mortgage companies to pull your credit, you can just tell them your score. If you are curious and would like to know your credit score, you can get a free annual 3 in 1 credit report by clicking here.

If you do not want to wait for your credit score to come up and you have a downpayment for a new home, you may want to consider doing a rent-to-own. For more information on this topic, please visit the rent-to-own section of the website.

Here are some area that we do bad credit home loans in Ohio: Canton, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Dayton, Hamilton, Lima and Youngstown

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