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Cleveland For Sale By Owner - Cleveland Ohio Mortgage

  • Free website listing for your Cleveland for sale by owner home
  • How we can help you sell your for sale by owner home?

    Attention Cleveland for sale by owner sellers and buyers!!! This section is particularly for all the people out there who choose to buy or sell a house that is a FSBO. This can be a very hard and aggravating process. Sellers, you can not just put a sign in the yard and hope that your house will sell. You will most likely have a very hard time selling your house with only a sign in your yard. You must gain as much exposure as you possibly can and we are here to help you if you are in the Cleveland, OH area. You need to find ways to get your house out there so others know it is on the market. You can put flyers up all over the place at stop lights and bus stops. Put your listing in the local paper. There are several free for sale by owner websites that you can put your listing on. If you are open to creative financing for potential buyers, contact your local real estate investors. These real estate investors will find people to buy your home on a land contract or lease with the option to buy. Advertise and hold open houses as often as you can. These are just a few marketing techniques that you should be utilizing.

    We are offering our services to you for FREE. You are probably asking yourself: Why would you offer your services for free and what could a loan officer possibly do to help me sell my house? We offer a number of things that we can do to help you sell your house faster.

    One of the best things that we offer is free advertising for your FSBO home. You can have me add a picture of your home along with whatever else you would like as an advertisement to the free for sale by owner website listing section of our site. We pay for website traffic to this website that targets home owners in the Cleveland, Ohio area and we also get organic traffic from the search engines. There is a good chance that they will browse our FSBO section along with the MLS for a new home. Lots of times people do not find what they are looking for in the MLS. If there is another section with houses for sale that are not listed in the MLS, why not take a look? There will also be website traffic coming from various search engines to this site as well. You can’t beat free advertising!

    Another one of the things that we can do to make your life a lot easier is that we can pre-qualify any interested buyer that looks at your house. One huge mistake that FSBO sellers make is that once they get an interested buyer, they do not ask them to see their pre-qualification letter. They are so excited that they got a potential buyer on their own that they forget to ask if the potential buyer has been pre-qualified. Then they waste another 2-3 weeks with this potential buyer instead of keeping up with marketing on the house and the buyers financing falls through. We help by doing this right off the bat for you so you do not waste time on potential buyers that can not even get financed. If you would like us to put a sign in the yard for financing next to your FSBO sign that you have in the front yard, it will save you a lot of time and trouble. You will be the first one that gets the phone call on whether or not your potential buyer is qualified for not.

    Something that is very overlooked with FSBO homes is that the seller never gets any constructive criticism. Most people will just tell you that they are not interested and then they move on. We can provide you with that constructive criticism! If we pre-qualify the interested buyers and they decide not to move forward with the purchase of your home, we can give them a call and find out exactly why they chose not to move on. Maybe it was something really simple that you can fix for future potential buyers. You will be much more prepared for your next qualified buyer. This will increase your chances of selling.

    The last thing that we can offer is that we have very good contacts with the title companies, and we have walked other customers through the FSBO process before. We can not fill out a purchase contract for you, but we can give our opinions on what to look out for and who to talk to. This comes in very handy, especially if you are doing this for the first time on either the selling end or the buying end.

    Why would we do all of this free of charge?

    It seems that nothing is free these days. All of what we have just talked about is completely free of charge, no joke. All we ask of the sellers that we work with is to try as hard as they can to send their potential buyers to us for a pre-qualification. Hand out our cards. Take a name and number for every single person that looks at your house and keep a record of them. Once you sell your house, we would just ask if you could supply us with the list of possible buyers that you had. It is obvious why we would work for free. We want to hopefully gain some business from offering our services for nothing. It sounds like a good deal to me. What do you think? Give us a call or click the link at the top of the page for the free listing and fill out the short form to talk more about the process.

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